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  • I love helping small and medium-size businesses to achieve more of what they want.  I'm a business coach; helping businesses to grow. 

    Business owners can sometimes feel they are too close to their business to see the bigger picture. If you struggle with this, or the occasional sense of loneliness in your decision-making, I can help you to see things a little clearer. 

    I also provide interim management & directorship for those businesses going through growth or simply in need of extra experience at a senior level.  The consequences of not recruiting these extra skills can often rebound on the existing management team, with extra work and responsibility, reduced sales and usually longer hours.  But are you putting off decisions because of the cost and risks of employing someone full-time?  I support and assist businesses like these by providing seasoned management skills, wide experience and a teamworking ethic.

    Some of my experience comes from starting up, running and selling a couple of technology businesses.  I have also been involved in other businesses, including property development in the retirement sector. Plus, I've also had a few bumps and bruises along the way, so it's fair to say that I understand the realities of business life. In many ways, it's the scars that teach you more about business life than anything else!

    Outside working hours I love watersports, plus I'm a keen musician and a less-keen cyclist.

    If any of the above resonates with you, I'd love to get together for a chat over a coffee and see if I could help you with your business challenges.  Contact me on: 07984 388093 or drop me a line: nickh@businessdoctors.co.uk


  • As a result of Nick's coaching, we have now effectively doubled our product offering to clients and created a wider market opportunity. There is no doubt in our mind that this will lead to increased sales and profitability over time.

    We would have no hesitation in recommending Nick and would happily discuss this with interested parties.

    Wayne Fisher, Director; CS-Vue Limited

  • In all his coaching and mentoring, Nick has demonstrated enthusiasm, integrity and commitment to our business. He has supported me personally as a business owner, and helped me to develop my own leadership style.

    I would happily commend him to other businesses who are looking for strategic support, business development advice and leadership guidance.

    Brendon Hart, Lee & Hart Pharmacy Ltd

  • Nick has guided and led me, passing suggestions, introducing the right companies who could financially support me without wanting any of my company or personal assets - this was a complete revelation to me and the results have changed my outlook on other business lenders that I had traditionally tried to work with.

    In a few short months I have changed my priorities, honed my skills, appreciated my own value (so can charge people to see me), developed realistic cash flow forecasts which I am meeting and exceeding and realised that I really can succeed with the support and guidance provided by Nick and Business Doctors.

    Fiona Ritchie, Inspiration Pharma

  • Nick Hadley from Business Doctors helped us with a recent planning day, when the director and staff got together to review the previous year and plan for the next year's growth.

    Nick facilitated the session, and guided the team though a structured and logical thought-process. He helped us widen our horizons and really look intently at the areas we were doing well and the areas we needed to improve on.

    I can say without hesitation that his input was extremely useful, and that the whole team benefited in the discussions. He left the team with a sense of ownership of the things we need to achieve in the next few months.

    I'd wholehearted recommend Nick as a business advisor to other business who need some clarity in their planning and thinking processes.

    Nicola Stokes, Director, Array Ink Europe Ltd

  • "At Impressions Print and Label, we spend a lot of time and effort focussing on Customer Service. Keeping the goodwill of customers, and retaining their ongoing work is critical to our business.

    When our local Business Doctor, Nick Hadley, mentioned that he could help us to measure our Net Promoter Score, I was intrigued. Amongst the questions asked is this key one: "On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this company to your colleagues and friends?" They also asked about their satisfaction with our processes such as design, accounts and delivery.

    The end result was a well-researched snapshot of the levels of service we have been giving and our customers' attitudes to our business. We were thrilled to find out that our score was 60, showing us how the work that we have been putting into customer service is paying dividends.

    Thanks to Nick Hadley at Business Doctors, we now have some valuable insight into the areas of our business that we need to work on, plus some opportunities to add services which we currently don't offer."

    Rob Porter, Director at Impressions Print and Label

  • "Simon's coaching was really good with some great ideas"

    David Bailey - Medical Specialists Ltd

  • "Tim has been very resourceful and helpful in putting a proper business structure to our company and identifying strategic areas of development"

    Maria Luba-Muczko

  • "Working with Business Doctors, we are now starting to see results that we didn't think would be possible"

    Jan Lord, Guide Bridge MOT Centre

  • "Working with Dave Blakey on the Growth Accelerator programme has had a hugely positive impact on my business"

    Emma Clarke - Voice TakeAway

  • "Martin provided excellent guidance that has enabled our business to grow and develop over the last year"

    The Grey Matter Group