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Sevenoaks and Tonbridge Business Doctor

Business Doctors Sevenoaks and Tonbridge,
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  • I believe that Sales and People Development together with a strong sense of purpose and direction are solid foundations from which to build a great business. They underpin success across all levels, from the Owner through to everyone involved in the Business, ensuring that sales grow profitably. I am passionate that everyone is engaged and contributes to the business vision and goals.

    I have over 20 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Leadership, People Management and Development.  In that time I have been involved in interesting, challenging changes and transformations and helping people through these has been incredibly rewarding.  As a Business Doctor, I enjoy rolling my sleeves up and getting ‘on the pitch’ to ensure I actively help Business Owners achieve their vision.


  • "Business Doctors has been extremely valuable in helping us concentrate our resources on the UK market and capitalise on the personal approach and accountability of our services."

    Paul Griffiths - Director, Life Cells

  • "Business Doctors have given us a new systematic approach to running our business in a way that gives us the logic and clarity"

    Greg Spencer - vet-tech.co.uk

  • "Business Doctors has given us great confidence in the service we provide and where we're heading"

    Bernard McCabe, Dreamscape Solutions Ltd

  • "Kevin has turned my business into a growing one, we're setting targets, hitting targets and in the last 2 - 3 years we have tripled in size, turnover and most important of all, profit"

    Bernard McCabe- Dreamscape

  • "Kevin has shared his skills, particularly strategic planning, with a number of charities in Cheshire and has made a real difference to their future"

    Donna O Kell - Cheshire Connect

  • "Simon's coaching was really good with some great ideas"

    David Bailey - Medical Specialists Ltd

  • "Tim has been very resourceful and helpful in putting a proper business structure to our company and identifying strategic areas of development"

    Maria Luba-Muczko

  • "Working with Business Doctors, we are now starting to see results that we didn't think would be possible"

    Jan Lord, Guide Bridge MOT Centre

  • "Working with Dave Blakey on the Growth Accelerator programme has had a hugely positive impact on my business"

    Emma Clarke - Voice TakeAway

  • "Martin provided excellent guidance that has enabled our business to grow and develop over the last year"

    The Grey Matter Group

  • Martin's will go above and beyond to deliver value wherever he can, his knowledge, expertise and experience are evident in every conversation"

    Kelly Clifford

  • "The new ideas suggested by Chris and Martin, led to the implementation of new initiatives that have helped improve the communication and performance of the company"

    Tim Fouracre, CEO of Clear Books

  • "Business Doctors helped us to think in an unconstrained way; I am sure the business will grow as a result"

    John Smith - Trumeter Ltd

  • "We are very pleased with Simon's coaching with an increase in profits of +300%. Would like more coaching please!"

    Keith Fairhurst - Molygran Ltd

  • "Simon has been really great and the company is now working well with some big improvements that are down to his coaching"

    Judith Green - Versatile Lifting Company Ltd