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The Eastern Region Business Doctor

Business Doctors The Eastern Region, 3 Warners Mill, Silks Way


  • "Brian has helped give Colvanbridge a clear view of what our 5 year strategy should be, helped us to identify the areas for improvement within our processes and our peoples skills, as well as enabled us to work together more effectively as a senior leadership team. "

    Gareth Wright - MD Colvanbridge Limited

  • "This year,we need to raise 7.3 million pounds in voluntary income, so every donation from individuals and organisations is important to us. Working closely with the entire team, from trustees to heads of departments, Brian has really helped us to strengthen our relationship management strategy helping us develop a more service oriented culture with respect to our partners involved in the provision of care."

    Pam Court - CEO, Saint Francis Hospice

  • I have attended two of Brian's workshops and learned so much about the difference between working IN and ON my business as a result. Professional presentation with lots of real life anecdotes to illustrate the points ... Lots of light-bulb moments. Highly recommended.

    Jo Shaer - CEO Lollipop

  • "Brian has coached me personally and his pragmatic approach and supportive style certainly help to make the experience a comfortable one. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brian and his services to other business leaders."

    Gareth Wright - MD Colvanbridge Ltd

  • "I met Brian as part of a major talent management review. He instilled confidence in his team and his peers that by doing the right thing for clients sales and margin would be higher. In his new role I have no doubt that he will inspire similar confidence in his clients and help them to manage their businesses more successfully. Brian will listen attentively to issues and if he doesn't believe he can make a difference his integrity is such that he won't pretend he can. This makes the counsel he provides to be of very high value."

    David Physick - Glowinkowski International Ltd