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  • The Moral Maze on the morality of tax


    The Moral Maze (Radio 4) a few days ago debated whether tax is a moral issue (sparked by David Cameron's recent comments on the subject), and was absolutely fascinating.

  • What does branding really mean?


    I've just read a great quote that came to me via Bruce Kasanoff that puts an interesting take on what branding actually is. Follow the link!

  • Will your business be more valuable this time next year?


    For many January is a time of rebirth and resolutions. It's a month to reflect on last year's achievements and to set goals for the year ahead. Some people will set personal goals like losing weight or quitting a nasty habit, and most company owners will set business goals that focus on hitting certain turnover or profit milestones. But if your goal is to own a more valuable business in 2015, you may want to plan around some of the following areas:

  • Business Lessons from the Racing World


    For those that follow Formula Racing, the season has seen and has yet to see much more drama - both on the track and off it too. A rule change introduced for this season has meant that some constructors have faced a 500% increase on spends on engine technology - from 5 Million Pounds to 25 Million Pounds !! What would you do in such a circumstance? After all - your business plan that obtained the finance has just gone out of the window due to a regulatory change and the small window of time offered to implement the change.

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