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  • Six Questions to Help Your Business Grow


    Growing a small business is about the hardest thing many of us will do. It drives us and our loved ones to distraction. So why do we do it? Business growth doesn't happen by accident. How are you going to achieve YOUR vision?

  • Networking tips - How to make the most of your 60 second pitch


    I was at a networking event recently where (as at most events) we were all given an opportunity to do our '60 second pitch'. There must have been about 20 of us there and I was struck by the variation in peoples' pitches. Some were excellent - did exactly what was required with an added bit of humour and interest ensuring that they would be remembered. Others were less good and some rambled on for well over a minute, some for over two minutes (no time bonging at this event!). At the end I was asked to put together a 'How to do a 60 second pitch'. Which I duly did, and I thought I'd share it here too. Hope you find it useful - particularly if you've never had the joy of doing one before...

  • Why Innovate Within Your Sales Process?


    With our fully-funded Sales Innovation workshop on the horizon, we've invited the presenter Kevin Deutsch to share some brief thoughts on why rethinking your sales strategy can make such a positive difference.

  • Make it real


    So many people in business today are being told that they need to be passionate about their business if they want to succeed. Scarcely a day goes by without us being assailed by people passionate about digital media, telemarketing or some other business activity wishing to sell us their particular passion.

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