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  • A Christmas Carol? Well nearly.


    Retailing can be a brutal business, just think of the big name failures that have taken place over recent years and the even bigger names that are currently battling falling sales, with customers deserting them for their smaller and more nimble competitors.

  • Does Your Supply Chain Match Your Business Vision?


    Odd question you may be thinking. What does my supply chain have to do with my business vision of, say for example, offering 100% made to order products for my customers or a friendly face to my customers or the promptness of business in responding to customer queries?

  • The Moral Maze on the morality of tax


    The Moral Maze (Radio 4) a few days ago debated whether tax is a moral issue (sparked by David Cameron's recent comments on the subject), and was absolutely fascinating.

  • What does branding really mean?


    I've just read a great quote that came to me via Bruce Kasanoff that puts an interesting take on what branding actually is. Follow the link!

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