Flood Recovery Grant (FRG), How do I access the business support grant and what can I claim for ?
by Peter Fleming

The amount of Flood Recovery Grant (FRG) available is based on either the number of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees or turnover.

1 employee        max £3,000 (i.e. self-employed, single director of a Ltd Co.)

2-5 employees    max £5,000

6-10     “           max £7,000

11 plus  “          max £10,000

All applications must be submitted by 28th February 2016, any claims against the grant offered must be completed by the end of 2016.

A registered Cumbria Business Growth Hub advisor, will help you put together a growth recovery plan and complete the necessary forms as part of the application. You will also need to submit your latest set of accounts and a copy of insurance with your application.

Grant moneys can be used for paying towards;

  • Specialist expertise, such as; Accountancy fees, Solicitors fees, Design or Architects fees, IT infrastructure planning, Sales or Strategy consultancy fees and HR advice. The grant only covers non-tangible purchases, i.e. you can’t buy equipment, machines or tools with the funds as these would/should have been covered by your insurance.
  • Marketing, to help reinstate the business and create a marketing plan, e.g. introducing electronic sales, web site development, e-commerce marketing & any traditional marketing material plus support towards exibitions and events as part of a marketing plan.
  • Interest Relief on existing, new or re-instated assets and costs.
  • Training – for employees to be able to use new equipment, machinery or implementing new processes e.g. sales planning, managing online accounts systems.

The grant covers 100% of any incurred costs based on the approved recovery plan, however excludes any VAT. Grant money’s will not be reclaimed, however Cumbria Business Growth Hub & Cumbria County Council reserve the right and will follow up during and after the process to ensure jobs are safeguarded or created and grant moneys are being used appropriately.

On completion of the business support the local Business Growth Hub advisor will collect the outputs and up to date financial information to enable the Growth Hub and County Council to report Gross Value Added (GVA) from the support scheme

75% of the grant value will be released by Cumbria County Council as soon as an application is approved, which can take 3-5 working days from submission. The remaining 25% of grant is paid on proof of expenditure.

Please note, the grant moneys will not cover the loss of any equipment or damage which would normally be claimed through insurance or any disruption/loss of earnings due to floods. 

Contact details and further information

Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, Tel; 0845 226 00 40

Cumbria Business Growth Hub; Tel; 0844 257 84 50: website

Google shared drive to Flood crisis fact sheets

Google shared drive to Flood Recovery Grant, application form and guidance notes

Should you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact Cumbria Business Growth Hub directly on 0844 257 84 50 or myself. I am a registered business advisor with Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and Cumbria Business Growth Hub.

Peter Fleming, Business Doctors Cumbria, 0845 034 2191

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