How Scalable is your business? Find out with our new Scalability Survey
by Peter Searle

Business Doctors is always on the look out for new ways to help businesses achieve their financial and business goals faster, more easily and more efficiently.

Which is why they have recently added a powerful online business assessment tool to their extensive portfolio of business support tools, all developed to help small to medium businesses achieve their vision. 

And because business and financial goals are deeply tied to personal goals, it is their mission to help create a better life for business owners.This new tool performs a cat-scan analysis providing insights on:

  • How easy it would be to sell a business, if it were on the market today
  • How to build a business into a valuable, sellable asset 
  • Steps to drastically reduce the number of hours business owners spend in their business while simultaneously boosting the profits and sellable value 
  • How to get more freedom and profits out of a business in the short term
  • How to build an asset that can be sold or passed on in the long term

For any business owner that has a dream of selling their business one day, for a large windfall or retirement nest egg, the Scalability Score can help turn this dream into a reality.

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