Media round up: Management Today, The Telegraph and The Guardian
by businessdoctorsadmin

With expertise in SME issues and a no nonsense communication style, it’s no wonder Business Doctors continue to be in demand from business journalists.

Tyne/Tees Valley Business Doctor Graham Robson recently contributed an exclusive article on agile recruitment to The Global Recruiter magazine.

And with his writing mojo fully engaged, he penned another exclusive for the Association of MBA’s website. This time his subject matter was on that common small business dilemma the owner’s trap .

The former merchant navy man then went on to offer his opinion on cash flow concerns to Management Today.

Meanwhile, Chris Simpson, Business Doctor for Gatwick Diamond, was talking to The Guardian about how SMEs can get a look in when approaching major retailers and Sandra Murphy (Sussex Coast) discussed the characteristics of entrepreneurs with NatWest bank’s small business site Content Live.

There comes a time in many SMEs’ life cycles when appointing an external CEO is on the cards. Andy Mee (Oxfordshire & North Bucks) was quoted in Real Business, explaining the three main drivers behind this important business growth strategy.

When The Telegraph asked Leeds/ North Yorkshire business Doctor Simon Monaghan about reducing operational costs, he said:

“There are only three ways to increase profits…You can sell more, increase margins or cut costs. It’s surprising how many businesses ignore the last option” Good advice for everyone thanks Simon.

Mike Peake is a freelance journalist and copywriter. He says: “Business Doctors are fantastic. As a freelance journalist I regularly need to get hold of people with an inside knowledge of business and those who are genuinely full of insight and bright ideas about SMEs in particular are surprisingly thin on the ground.

“Business Doctors have come to the rescue on multiple occasions and I’ve always found them to be super-helpful and full of useful information. If I were setting out as a start-up, they’d be my first port of call.”

Hazel Davis is a freelance business journalist, writing for national titles including The Telegraph, The Times and The Guardian. She says “Whenever I am looking for comment on small business issues, I have come to trust Business Doctors as a credible and highly responsive source. Their expertise is wide ranging and they are well practised at expressing business concepts in layman’s terms.”

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