Spring Clean : Your Business Development Strategy : May 2017
by Graham Morgan

With Easter behind us and Spring looming large now is the time to have a look at the plans you have for growing your business. Can you tweak your approach to grow sales, get more orders and enhance profit without massive cost? The areas to review:

1. What do your best customers think of you? A quick call from the Senior Management to your top customers can capture some great feedback and often additional opportunity.

2. Have there been any changes in your market place? Brexit Audit Recommended.

3. Can you work in partnership/collaboration with others to increase your opportunities.

4. What has been your top selling products or services so far in 2017? Who else would benefit from these products and services?

Sometimes having an independent assessment of what you are currently doing can make a big difference. Business Doctors are only too please to chat with you about that.

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