Have you Found your Core Purpose?
by Michael Hardy

Find Your Purpose

Your Core Purpose should come from a mix of what you love, what you are good at, where there is a customer need and should be the reason your business exists.

The Core Purpose helps everyone focus on achieving the goals; yet keeping to it is difficult, as new opportunities or challenges distract you off track.

If your team know your Purpose, they can they be 100% focused and at maximum efficiency.

If suppliers know your Purpose, they can focus on giving you exactly what you need in terms of product & service.

If customers know your Purpose, they are more likely to give you all the orders of your key products and services.

Can all your people, your suppliers and your customers state what your Core Purpose is?

If you would like to discuss how you can grow your business by engaging the core purpose, I’d be delighted to have a coffee and discuss further.

Contact me on 07770346384 or email

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