Breaking Big book is five years old!
by Helen

The ‘Breaking Big’ book is five years old – The Business Doctors no nonsense guide to breakthrough growth.

Originally written by Business Doctors co-founders Matt Levington and Rod Davies, and launched in 2014. The business book illustrates ten steps to help businesses to achieve breakthrough growth. ‘Many business owners get bogged down with the day-to-day running of their business,’ said Matthew Levington. ‘They can lose sight of the end-game and this book is a great guide to get them back on track’.

The Breaking Big book is the accumulation of 10 years business knowledge and experience since the company has been operating.

“This is a great book. A real shot in the arm for anyone looking to make a serious success of their business and packed full of useful hints and tips.” – Amazon Review

“As a sole trader, and still in my first year, I found the majority of this book extremely relevant and helpful. It helps me evaluate what my customers really want. And the challenges and opportunities of the market I’m working in.” Amazon review

“This is great for those lost in the daily fog of running a business and wanting a straightforward guide. An excellent place to go for clarity. And a call to action to commence the journey to order and the achievement of success in business.” Amazon Review

Breaking Big, published by Capstone, is available through Amazon click here to buy.

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