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  • “Richard is an amazing individual with great experience and knowledge. Most notable characteristics are honesty and adaptability to client's present situation and understanding. Look forward to future encounters!”

  • “Richard is a highly enthusiastic, commercially minded individual. He made it his personal business to fully understand the in's and out's of my business and me personally, and then through his many years experience was able to offer good, sound practical advice. I have enjoyed working with Richard and have appreciated his honesty and integr...

  • "I honestly don't know how I'd have coped without the help from the Business Doctors. I have grown my business and become closer to my staff. Best business decision I ever made"

  • "Richard is exceptionally good at what he does. He has helped me to understand my business in a whole new way. He was fantastic at listening to issues, and asking the right questions to draw out underlying problems. I'd highly recommend him."


Running your own business can be a lonely affair.  It can sometimes feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to and bounce ideas off.  Sometimes it can feel that the business is running you and not the other way round.

What gets me out of bed every morning is a desire to help ‘busy’ business owners gain some headspace from the day to day business, take stock of where they are, understand what motivates and drives them and identify where they want to get to.  Sharing some of my experiences to work alongside the owners and Directors to develop and implement a strategic plan for the growth and development of the business that delivers for them.

I am a keen advocate of ‘playing to strengths’ and a strong believer that your business is only as good as the people in it.  Engagement is key – creating a strong sense of purpose, a sense of urgency, aligning everyone around it and empowering your people to deliver.

I have spent over 15 years leading strategic change within businesses ranging from a £3m turnover family-run leisure business, to a £2bn utility giant.  I have been fortunate enough across all of this experience to be given opportunities to lead on strategy, business planning and business development activities, often starting from a completely blank sheet to devise strategies to enter new markets or challenge existing ones.

Over the last few years I have worked alongside more than 60 businesses, from start-up to exit, from retail to public health. I was honoured to have been recognized for this work by Enterprise Nation and central Government as one of Britain’s top 50 business advisers.

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