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  • "Business Doctors have given us a new systematic approach to running our business in a way that gives us the logic and clarity"

  • "Business Doctors has given us great confidence in the service we provide and where we're heading"

  • "Kevin has turned my business into a growing one, we're setting targets, hitting targets and in the last 2 - 3 years we have tripled in size, turnover and most important of all, profit"

  • "Kevin has shared his skills, particularly strategic planning, with a number of charities in Cheshire and has made a real difference to their future"

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With over twenty five years working in the retail sector in a variety of senior roles, focused on growing a UK wide network of retail stores, I have experienced all aspects of growing a relatively small business to one that employed over 500 people. This experience proved a fantastic training ground to learn all the lessons that SME owners require to overcome the challenges and pitfalls they face when seeking to grow their businesses. I am an accredited advisor for Growth Accelerator, MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service), Growth Vouchers, Pera Technology and a Leadership & Management Training Provider. My working week consists of helping clients from all business sectors across the Northwest but at the weekends I like to live up to my 'beach bum in a suit' label by jumping on my windsurfing kit. Some of the clients I have worked with include: Dreamscape Solutions, Scolaquip, Rhino Safety, Toucan Telemarketing, First Harvest, Cheshire Vehicle Rentals, Grassroots HR, Prestige Logic, Reliance Vehicle Management, ADD Signs and Draper Distribution.