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  • John, your engagement was invaluable and gives us a great target and framework from which to work and it is extremely timely, I had no preconceived ideas about what to expect back from you, but I can assure you that you, your dialogue, ideas and report have all exceeded any thoughts I had - we cannot thank you enough! Many many thanks it was ...

  • "Business Doctors has been extremely valuable in helping us concentrate our resources on the UK market and capitalise on the personal approach and accountability of our services."

  • "Business Doctors have given us a new systematic approach to running our business in a way that gives us the logic and clarity"

  • "Business Doctors has given us great confidence in the service we provide and where we're heading"


I am the Business Doctor for Cornwall, a place I love and know well and have made my home. 

Business Doctors are a support network of experienced business people, passionate about sharing our skills and experiences. We aim to offer “hands-on” support to business owners to tackle their specific challenges or helping them to achieve their aspirations for growth.

Whilst consultative in approach, we differ significantly from traditional consultants. Our approach involves getting a deep understanding of your business to the point where we are able to work with you across all aspects of your business to provide practical advice, guidance and mentoring along every step of the way "We don't just coach, we get on the pitch!"

Prior to joining Business Doctors I gained experience working within both private and public companies across Europe the Middle East and Africa consistently growing organisations spanning from 10-1,000 employees.

I possess a sound financial understanding and a personnel development mindset which has enabled me to galvanize diverse groups to focus on and achieve a single mission. I am a results-driven sales and business executive with proven ability to drive and sustain top-line revenue growth, open new markets, and gain market share against aggressive and established competition.