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  • "After nine years of trading we decided to do a strategic review of our business. We met Paul who said he could support us Paul managed to unravel the complexities of the growth plan and produced a written 'live' document that can change as we grow. He will always be there for us even in the future if we need help or advice or pointing in th...

  • We have spent time with Paul working on a strategy for the retirement of a key member of staff. During this process he has been very supportive and he has taken the time to listen carefully to our thoughts/ideas. This will mean that the solution is agreeable to us all, rather than it belong to any individual. He is great to catch up with, espe...

  • When I met Paul my business was in a state of flux, to say the least. I was excited and busy but hadn't established a clear path to where I wanted to be. At an initial meeting Paul and I discussed this, he then gave me an overview of how he could help me and my business become more successful. The next meeting took a whole day, Paul asked ...

  • As an established business we were due a review of our medium term growth plan and wanted the process facilitated by an external consultancy so that we could remain objective and be stretched in our thinking. We had a number of business coach options, we selected Paul after an introductory meeting with him as we felt he offered us the expertis...


Having over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and distribution business across food, drink, finance and branded companies, I have been involved in a huge amount of change and transformation which has been interesting, challenging and incredibly rewarding.  Whilst always being commercially focussed (and for me, helping a business grow sales, profitably, is the core purpose of any business activity!) I also really enjoy coaching and training people to realise their full potential, which can be hugely satisfying.

So unsurprisingly, sales and people development is my passion and the great thing is, it translates across all levels, from business owner through to the sales, warehouse, distribution teams and beyond. Being a Business Doctor and coach, I enjoy getting involved, or ‘on the pitch’ as we say, to ensure I actively help deliver a business owners aspirations and vision, successful  implementation is key.

I’m a work-hard type, but outside of the day to day I treasure family time (3 gorgeous children, aged 24, 19 and 1 !) and ensure I keep fit to play a fully active part! Having cycled Cape Cod for charity in 2012, and got the bug, I like to get out on the bike when I can, so from time to time if you are in and around Coventry, you may be unfortunate enough to see me in Lycra!

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