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  • "Robs seminar inspired me to look at how I can better sell my services, by looking at what makes me unique and how I can help my clients"

  • "From the beginning Rob has helped me to see through the fog...having a listening ear that understands the intricacies of business, whilst providing ideas on how to navigate them has been a weight off my shoulders. I can now clearly see and plan for the future direction of Infinitas Design"

  • "With the support from Rob I now benefit from having a much clearer strategy on how to achieve the goals of Code 56, including the values that I absolutely must have in my employees as the company begins to grow."

  • "Through the approach Rob takes, and the questions he asks, it is clear that he has a passion for helping his customers by truly understanding them."

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An engineer by trade, when Rob sidestepped into training he discovered a whole new set of skills.

"Spending thirty years in bluechip engineering companies, I've developed a very thorough and logical mindset. But I also love to listen and to help," he says.

"Other people's businesses really excite me and I want to use my knowledge and expertise to help small companies to grow and thrive."

Although Rob's background is in the corporate world, he is no strange to the SME sector, finding time to develop a highly successful family interior design business since 2009.

"My career has taken me all around the world, but I'm born and bred Derby and as part of the Business Doctors network I want to help Derby businesses reach their full potential," he says.

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