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  • We decided to work with Paul on the back of a recommendation from a fellow agency owner. We could not be happier with not just the structured day he put together but the follow up meeting, documentation and our plan to work together moving forwards. The day itself highlighted many missed opportunities for our agency but also highlighted ou...

  • We engaged with Paul Shaw at Business Doctors to help guide us through a facilitated session that would help us understand what we want out of life personally and professionally. We spent all day collaboratively figuring out who we are, what our customers really want, what the risks to our business are, where we can improve and what gives u...

  • I attended one of Paul's seminars which I found very informative. Paul has a lot of business experience which helps to bring key business concepts to life. The seminar has made me think differently about our business strategy and I am looking forward to working with Paul to put some of these ideas into practice. I would recommend that you at...

  • "Paul and I have worked together on many projects. Although they have all related to large and complex businesses I can say that Paul's insight, coupled with his general organisational and analytical abilities would be an asset to any company."

Build the value in your business


From Wembley Stadium to the Millennium Dome, Time Out to lastminute.com, Business Doctor Paul Shaw has a CV that turns heads.

And what underpins his 30 years' experience with some of the country's best known names is an aptitude for strategy, a passion for business development, operational excellence and first class understanding of the digital world.

"I like really getting under the skin of businesses," he says, "and helping them get  to the next level. "I am a skilled strategist, but I also like to 'do'.

"As a Business Doctor, my work with small and medium sized businesses is as much about implementation as it is about direction. I work with SMEs to make next level growth happen, rather than just telling them how to get there."

Paul's experience spans start ups, SMEs and publicly traded companies. And he sees more similarities than differences between business of all sizes and sectors.

"Whether a company is big or small, it can struggle with the same niggling dysfunctionalities or obstacles. Business Doctors help SME owners to step outside of the day to day, take stock and start to develop better businesses," he says.

"Blue chips bring in management consultants to help them do this; now SMEs can make an appointment with their local Business Doctor."

Paul offers a free 60 minute business health check for SMEs interested in achieving their next level of growth. He can be contacted on 07802 724279 or at paul.shaw@businessdoctors.co.uk