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  • After searching the internet for information about what was required by small businesses for the GDPR, we felt quite overwhelmed by the requirements. It was a great relief to find a workshop that would explain the new law and requirements with practical help. We felt that the the workshop was presented with an obvious in depth knowledge o...

  • I recently had the pleasure of attending your seminar at Hereford, thank you ,Frankly I thought it was excellent and exceeded my expectation. I have more than thirty years of corporate experience and in that time have experienced first hand the whole range of good bad and indifferent training. Your event was clearly well thought through and th...

  • We were feeling frustrated about our growth and uncertain about the future and we knew that something had to change so we approached Business Doctors. Jason undertook a strategic review with us and guided us to develop our own plan in order to clarify our ultimate aims and vision for the company. With another meeting, we then started to creat...

  • Jason first came into the business at a time when the company had experienced recent significant growth, whilst at the same time key personnel had left the business. The leadership team were extremely stretched and had lost focus. Though the business was succeeding and having rapid commercial growth we needed focus and to find a clear path and...



14 December, 2018


Have you ever wondered what to do next?  So many people find themselves asking, “I know that something needs to change in my business – but what?  How?”.

Jason works with businesses that are seeking to get to the next level.  It may be a start up thinking, “How can I achieve the lifestyle that I left my employment for?”  Some may be thinking, “My business is successful, but how can I structure, or scale it?”  Some with successful businesses may actually be worried about retiring and think, “How can I sell my business for the best possible price?” or “How can I run my business as a Non Executive Director?”

No matter where your business sits in its development, Jason will help you to achieve that next level.  With his background and expertise in planning and driving execution, honed over a 17-year military career underpinned by BSc in Business and an MBA - and using the world-beating Business Doctors no-nonsense, no-jargon approach and systems, he WILL deliver results for you.

So get in touch if you want to know how:

  • I can increase my sales
  • I can identify and get in front of my most valuable customers
  • To improve my cash flow
  • Do I manage my information and get GDPR compliant?
  • To get more from my people
  • I can better manage my time
  • I can better plan my future
  • Have certainty and confidence in my plan and what I am doing

Finally, in all of these things, simply knowing what to do is not enough for busy and pressured businesspeople.  We all need help sometimes. Whether it is a bit of coaching to instil winning habits, a kick up the rump to get us doing the important things we need to do, or straightforward help and sharing the burden.  Whatever the size and shape of your transformation, Jason will be there with you until you have ACHIEVED YOUR VISION!

His patch covers Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Jason offers a free 60 minute business health check for SMEs interested in achieving their next level of growth. He can be contacted on 07725973847 or at jason.french@businessdoctors.co.uk