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  • Hazel, a freelance business journalist is known for her work on national newspapers including The Telegraph and The Times. She said: "Whenever I am looking for comment on small business issues, I have come to trust Business Doctors as a credible and highly responsive source. Their expertise is wide ranging and they are well practised at expre...

  • I asked David to come and see me with regards to my business, as I am passionate about what I do, but not so business minded. He was very informative, without being complicated, which I was able to understand. David kept it simple and non scary. He has a lot of knowledge about all aspects of running a business. David was very encouraging and...

  • "Business Doctors has been extremely valuable in helping us concentrate our resources on the UK market and capitalise on the personal approach and accountability of our services."

  • "Business Doctors have given us a new systematic approach to running our business in a way that gives us the logic and clarity"

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David O'Brien came to Business Doctors with a strong background in operations, learning & development and people management.
"Having spent the last 17 years a variety of positions in healthcare technology, I have always found myself in roles where I am setting up something new or supporting others to succeed in their roles," he says."My strengths and motivations lie in helping and advising people to be the best they can be in business."
With previous experience including launching new products and leading a national team of 100 people, David's expertise is broad and covers business strategy, sales, operations, change management and project management alongside training and development.

David believes that all businesses, whatever their size or sector, experience similar issues and barriers to growth."People who set up a company usually do so because they are great at doing something or because they have a passion for it, such as hairdressing, photography or health products. Very few people start a business because they are good at business," he says."Every company reaches a stumbling block where growth stagnates and the way forward seems unclear.

"I help small and medium sized businesses to articulate their vision and create a practical road map for the next two to five years. The vision may be to grow by 50%, sell the business or just gain back a fulfilling work/life balance for the owner.”

Business Doctors work in a highly practical way with SMEs, getting under the skin of their businesses and working alongside business owners to achieve growth.
"We are not the 'hand over a report and make our exit' type of consultants. Our slogan says it all: “We don’t just coach, we get on the pitch”.
David believes the road to Brexit and beyond is going to be a bumpy one for lots of Lincolnshire and Rutland businesses, particularly in the agricultural, manufacturing and retail sectors. "Small and medium sized businesses need to be planning for uncertainty and making sure they are robust and focused on what they want to achieve," he says.

David offers a free 60 minute business health check for SMEs interested in achieving their next level of growth. He can be contacted on 07595 450361 or at david.obrien@businessdoctors.co.uk