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  • Great presentation - lots of helpful tips and reminders about making more of your business and its assets . Particularly liked the 10 Steps Summary - Would recommend attending one of these sessions

  • Derek is a commercially astute and successful strategic leader. His entrepreneurial approach, wealth of business and market knowledge is an asset to any business. Having worked with Derek on a number of projects and challenging initiatives he consistently delivers, effective and efficient results. During his time as Director of Commercial Serv...

  • The opportunity I had to work with Derek Irvine for 12 months at West Sussex County Council was a seminal moment for me. Derek was the lead Director on strategic development, commissioning strategy and social enterprise 'Spin Outs' amongst other areas and he gave me an opportunity to help him change mindsets and attitudes. It wasn't easy and t...

  • Derek is passionate about making a difference through his leadership. He can seize complexity and guide teams to making good judgements.

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With an MBA from London Business School and 25 years international marketing experience, Svetlana is well placed to help take the region's businesses to the next level. Having launched and developed successful businesses of her own, she has expertise in every part of a business's lifecycle and a particular skillset within new market development.

Originally from St Petersburg, Svetlana's doctor credentials don't end with her business know how: having a masters degree in physics, she draws upon her structured and analytical approach to help get the best results for her customers.

Derek's background includes both public and private sector senior management roles and directorships. His specialism is in helping businesses navigate a clear path through challenges and pressures impacting or hindering progress. Derek has particular experience working across IT and telecomms sectors, software applications , customer service operations and overcoming tough commercial challenges.

Having established two social enterprise based companies with charitable status Derek also has experience working wth the "not for profit"  sector and helping them to successfully  trade as companies limited by guarantee .

In addtion to large corporates and the public sector Derek also enjoyed his time as MD of medium sized software company which provided market leading social care case management and other capabailities to the UK market and the challenges faced operating across highly competitive markets.

He says: "Having made a difference with some of the world's largest companies and helped to get to the crux of what was needed to overcome particular challenges, I want to draw on that experience to enable SMEs to stay ahead of their competition or break new ground by thinking and acting bigger.

"Nothing gives me more of a buzz than seeing the organisation and the people who work for them going from strength to strength.

"I'm not the kind of person who hands over a report and makes their exit. I'm known for challenging the conventional way of doing things and my style is much more hands on: I will do whatever I can to help a business get to the next level and realise their true potential ."