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Richard Oram

Richard has spent more than thirty years involved with companies of all shapes and sizes, from small family businesses to global multinationals. His objectives are always the same: to understand what makes the businesses tick and to drive improvement. β€œI believe that the only way to understand what makes a business tick is to roll your sleeves up and get close to the action,” he says.

Richard started out as an engineer in the automotive industry, becoming chartered and then carrying out various roles in manufacturing, external supply chains, business and strategic development. Throughout his career Richard has been fortunate to fill key positions in a wide variety of business situations ranging from establishing start-up manufacturing facilities in the UK and India, living and working in Japan and recovering from insolvency in an SME to driving strategic change in a blue chip aerospace company.

As a Business Doctor Richard uses his accumulated experience to help businesses, whatever their status or sector, to overcome challenges, grow and improve. He says this is both β€œan honour and a pleasure.”

Richard has a particular passion for understanding the people side of organisations and has spent considerable time on technical and behavioural skills development as well as on mentoring and coaching for high performance.

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