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Rob Andrew Manley

Rob Andrew’s career has spanned both “intra-preneuship” in large corporates to more recently working with a range of start-up and growth companies as well as coaching entrepreneurs.

Holding a PhD in marine science Andrew left academia to pursue a career in sales and marketing with Shell. Andrew credits his completing of an MBA at London Business School on what was laughingly then called the “Part time” Program (now the Executive Program), as giving him the change in direction in to work on a number of intrapreneur start-ups for Shell in the B2B and B2C sectors including domestic gas distribution, and renewable energy and curiously forestry.

An energetic executive with wide UK and international experience who for the last ten years has worked with B2B and B2C service companies and renewable energy start-ups. Now consulting and coaching entrepreneurs in start-ups and in the management of SMEs.

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