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Paddy Limb started in business aged 19, 'with a van and no plan.' Within a few years, he was running his own light haulage business with five vehicles.

He then joined a major PLC motor group as a commercial vehicle salesmen and was immediately placed on the management fast track programme. Paddy went on to become the youngest dealer principal in the Mercedes Benz network, benefiting from the luxury vehicle manufacturer's senior management training in the UK and Germany.

In 2007, along with three colleagues, Paddy completed a management buyout of a Volvo truck dealership. The new team took an already successful business and sought to grow it further.

Three years later, the business partners acquired a second under-performing territory and turned it into significant profit, taking the combined group business to 23 locations, 750 staff and £160m turnover. They had on their hands, the largest and most profitable independent Volvo truck dealership group in Europe, with the highest customer satisfaction score for large truck dealers.

He said: "When I sold my interest in this company and left the business, the greatest satisfaction I got was the notes from people who worked for me, thanking me for the support and guidance I had given them both personally and professionally.

"I have run my own one man band business with little or no spare resources and I have also been a partner in a £160 million turnover company. It is this broad range of experience that I believe helps me to have empathy with SME owners. This is because I have been there and I understand the challenges they face and how to overcome them.

"Business Doctors allows me to use the skills and experience I have gained over the years to support small and medium sized business owners to get their businesses working for them.

"I've always loved business turnaround TV programmes like 'I'll Show Them Who's Boss' with Gerry Robinson and 'Troubleshooter' with Sir John Harvey Jones and now I'm part of the Business Doctors network, I get to do it for real every day."

In his spare time, Paddy enjoys his classic car collection, is a qualified football coach and would still be playing in the veterans’ league if his knees would allow it. He also plays drums in a band that were supported by Sheffield superstars Pulp when they were first getting started. His band also supported many other top acts through the 80s and recorded a couple of sessions for the John Peel show on Radio 1.