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  • Our experience with Harvey Gora at Business Doctors has been great, its allowed us to open new markets and look at our current clients into more depth and offer more products and services. Business Doctors has given us that drive that we needed in order to furfil our goals and thrive as a business which will take the business to a new level we...

  • "Business Doctors has been extremely valuable in helping us concentrate our resources on the UK market and capitalise on the personal approach and accountability of our services."

  • "Business Doctors have given us a new systematic approach to running our business in a way that gives us the logic and clarity"

  • "Business Doctors has given us great confidence in the service we provide and where we're heading"

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Having learnt a great deal in business over the past 20 years the most important lessons come from my parents who have been in business all their lives.

These include; positive engagement, respecting people as you wish to be respected, working hard, working ethically, learning to step back and learning from other peoples mistakes.

As a Certified Business Doctor, registered Growth Accelerator and MAS Strategy Expert I am supporting owners of small to medium sized businesses to achieve their vision.

Working with a number of clients across industry sectors

  • Working with automotive manufacturers looking to expand into the JLR supply chain. Creating 3-5 year step-by-step plans to expand operations in line with market expectations, aligning accreditation and industry benchmarking, securing funding for plant investment, managing performance levels and implementing a robust development programme.
  • With an accountancy background future proofing Accountancy Practices with the impending technological developments. With a clear focus on streamlining current clients, adding value and winning new business through proactive innovations.
  • Implemented a financial control system for a buying consortium, to improve reporting and accountability from store to group level. It resulted in improved margins, increased sales by more effective seasonal product mix and better performance at store level with the introduction of benchmarking.  
  • Put together a a performance management programme for a national wholesale business with particular emphasis on the reorganising the sales team with remarkable results.
  • Worked with a vehicle maintenance garage to improve internal communication, a system for job handling and stock management. Productivity rose by over 20% from existing resources.
  • Secured alternative sources of finance for a commercial property company and streamlined internal processes. Now the owner has sight of a exit.


I grew up in a manufacturing environment and always used to say I won't end up in the family business. After graduating from the University of Manchester in Economics I worked for a few large organisations in telecoms, financial services and business development and guess where I ended up, in the family business.

The business was in the red after a huge bad debt but my parents endeavored to carry on and that's when I joined. A couple of years later into it and the debt repaid I carried on the mantle. Changed industries, took production overseas, instigated a structure for LT growth and financial sustainability and 10 years later built it to a multi-million pound turnover business.

During which time I also qualified as a CIMA management accountant, managed a property portfolio and started up an e-commerce site, which was successfully resold.

After taking some time out, I found myself supporting local businesses to pave their way forward. I implemented bespoke solutions by focusing solely on the 3 most important opportunities for growth and making them happen. This naturally led me into my current role as a Business Doctor where best practices and solutions are shared across the network.

As a Business Doctor I am dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses achieve their vision.