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Becky Upton
Guildford and Woking

With a PhD in biochemistry, Becky decided that she didn’t want to follow a career as a scientist. This led to her studying for an MBA to broaden her experience and gain a more well-rounded knowledge of business.

In an early role as a scientific sales rep, Becky worked with companies of all sizes before building up her own team that focused on managing tenders and marketing.

With strong experience in Business Development and Marketing both in the UK and Europe, Becky has also undertaken many large projects in change management, operations management, developing strategy, setting and tracking KPI’s, and managing teams of up to 200 people.

Becky’s most recent role as Managing Director for a small scientific company saw her working to increase profitability of the company, developing the market positioning, and growing the strategic focus.

Understanding how difficult it can be for small business owners when they are expected to know everything, Becky enjoys being a support and champion for small businesses. With a real desire to see entrepreneurs succeed, she is committed to helping guide and develop them, while allowing them to flourish and take ownership of their own journey to achieve their vision.

In her spare time, Becky enjoys making jewellery, and participating in variety of sports that give her the opportunity to exercise her competitive side.

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