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  • Getting the right return for your business and money

    The Key Steps to a More Profitable Business

    Practical business advice for business leaders and owners, delivered by Business Doctors experienced business professionals, in conjunction with Cyan Management and St James Place.

    This event offer not onlyInsight and tips of how to get your business to achieve it's full potential, how you can use technology to help it along its path and how best to protect your value asset, it aqlso offers the opportunity to network with fellow business leaders. We will even throw in coffee and Danish - for FREE.

    Cyan Management, St James Place and Business Doctors invite you to attend our Breakfast Seminar and not only set yourself up for the day - but set your business on the path to its ultimate goal.

    This seminar will focus on:-

    • Practical steps to identify and quantify the opportunity for improvement in your business.
    • Clarify what you want, your core values and your vision.
    • See the ‘big picture' and future-proof your business.
    • Frank, honest advice, real life examples and practical tools that you can apply as soon as the seminar ends.
    • Guidance on the potential to access Government Funding to help you achieve your vision.
    • Get the right return from your IT Systems.
    • Build a technology platform to add value a well as save time and money.
    • Protect you business wisely.
    • Get the best return from your external investments, and allow yourself to focus on your business.


    This event is FREE, fully funded by the sponsors.

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