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  • Do you want the freedom to choose how many hours you work or to sell your business in the future, but don't know what you need to do? 


    You may be stuck in what's called the Owner's trap. You are at the centre of your business and there is no business without you.

    This means you can't take holidays, you run yourself ragged working 80 plus hours a week, everyone relies on you; from your staff to your customers to your suppliers and you can't see how that's ever going to change.  Does this sound familiar?

    Do you want to have the freedom to choose:

    - How many hours you work?
    - How often you can go on holiday (or that you can even go on holiday)?
    - Whether or not to sell your business?
    - To get someone else to run your business allowing you to do other things?

    If so, we can help.

    At the session, we work through the eight areas that help create value for your business to allow you the freedom of choice

    We will provide insights on:

    • How to get more freedom and profits out of a business in the short term
    • Steps to drastically reduce the number of hours business owners spend in their business while simultaneously boosting the profits and sellable value
    • How to build a business into a valuable, sellable asset
    • How to build an asset that can be sold or passed on in the long term


    I look foward to seeing you there!


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