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  • Business Builder Program 2016.   

    The program is designed for Business Owners or their Senior Management. Those tasked with 'running the business' will be able to undertake a simple review of existing business activity and identify areas for improvement.

    Exploring a series of topics in an informal setting alongside a small group of fellow business owners has proved an excellent way to bring a fresh approach to seeing what you business could be capable of.

    The 4 Hour session on the 12th December 2016 will be a taster session which will allow attendees to get a feel for what the program can offer. 

    This concept has been facilitated by Business Doctors across the UK over the last 12 years and this will be the first session that will be run in Wales.

    Each session will be co-ordinated and facilitated by Graham L Morgan.  Graham is able to draw on 40 years of working with and alongside a wide and varied range of business models. Having excellent knowledge and experience of most sectors and markets across the UK and beyond Graham can bring an innovative approach to any challenge facing the modern business owner.

    Areas that will be explored include:

    • Opportunity for growth and expansion.
    • Business Development Strategy.
    • Strengths of products/services.
    • Target market features and how to expand into them.
    • Reducing day to day problems and challenges.
    • Making more money and enjoying your desired work/life balance.


    Attendance at this session is free of charge after which we will map a suitable approach for what you are looking to achieve in your business.

    More than happy to have a chat as to what this program could do for you and you business and answer any questions you may have. Please give me a ring on 07590 900415 or wizz me an e-mail at grahamm@businessdoctors.co.uk and I will get back to you.


    Graham L Morgan


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