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  • If you are looking to maximise the return from your business, while spending less time in the day to day running of it, then this seminar is for you. Discover how to build your business into a valuable, sellable asset and find out how to get more freedom and profits out of your business in the short term.  


    You started your business for the freedom that comes with running your own company: the freedom to earn what you deserve and to work for whoever you want, when you want, and from wherever you want. 

    The challenge is that for many business owners the dream remains elusive. In fact, you may feel trapped in your business because:

    • you know more than anyone else in your company about your industry;
    • your customers ask to deal with you personally;
    • you are involved in the building or creating of what you sell;
    • and you are your company's best sales person.

    The Freedom Seminar is dedicated to getting you back on track to gaining the freedom you deserve as a business owner. You'll learn:

    • How to recognise when you've fallen into The Owner's Trap and the steps to take to pull yourself out;
    • The three attributes of a scalable business model;
    • The eight factors that drive the value of your business;
    • The valuation technique used by professional business buyers;
    • How The Switzerland Structure bulletproofs your business from demanding employees, overbearing customers, and suppliers who hold you hostage;
    • One simple technique for eliminating cash flow worries;
    • The one kind of revenue that can triple the value of your business;
    • The six forms of Recurring Revenue;
    • The two essential elements of your marketing plan you need in order to avoid commoditisation and costly price wars;
    • The one question you need to ask your customers to predict the likelihood that they will buy again in the future and refer you to others;
    • How to benchmark your business operations against the world's greatest companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google. 

    Give me a few hours of your time, and I'll give you back your life.


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