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  • With Brexit, recent Philip Hammond Budget and the start of a new financial year what does the UK and Welsh economy currently look and feel like? What are the opportunities and threats for the average Welsh Business as we move through the remainder of 2017?

    We will be joined by Simon Rockett - Head of UK Risk at Atradius who will give his insight into the short term landscape. As leaders in protecting SME's against trade risk around the globe Atradius need to continually assess what is happening and Simon can bring their thoughts to bear on the journey the UK is about to embark upon over the next 3 years.

    Simon will develop view around:

    • Inflation
    • Exchange Rates
    • Interest rates
    • Disposable Income
    • Employment Market

    A MUST ATTEND EVENT for Business owners and those members of their Senior Managment team that are tasked with steering their individual business through what could be choppy waters ahead!



    Registration and Refreshments from 8am.

    1. Welcome and introduction 8.25am
    2. Presentation 8.30am to 9.05am
    3. Questions & Answers 9.05am to 9.20am
    4. Summary and Announcements (.20am to 9.30am
    5. Informal netwroking and departure from 9.30am

    Graham Morgan from Business Doctors will be available after the main event to pick up questions specific to the businesses that delegates represent.

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