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  • This seminar is aimed at any business owners/directors looking to achieve sustainable breakthrough growth for their business and/or maximise the value derived from their workforce.  


    At this seminar, presented jointly with The Mind Filter and CG Safety, we will help you learn how to achieve sustainable, breakthrough growth for your business, and at the same time explain how to get the most from your biggest asset - your staff.

    Chris Sowerby is a Business Doctor working with small and medium sized businesses to fulfil their potential. He will share 10 practical steps to achieving sustainable breakthrough growth in your business, whether a sole trader looking to embark on the first growth steps or an established organisation looking to take the leap to the next level.

    Jo Henwood is an experienced HR and training professional and founder and MD of The Mind Filter. She will outline the benefits of having a talent management strategy within your business. This will cover areas including structure, culture and the employee journey.

    Caroline Graham is the Managing Director of CG Safety and will be presenting on how employers who take a holistic, proactive approach to staff wellbeing can increase employee engagement and productivity.

    Breakfast will be provided along with the opportunity to network with like minded businesses.


    I look forward to seeing you there,

    Kind Regards

    Chris Sowerby

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