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  • Building a business to sell it, even from day one, is a sensible strategy, even if you don't ultimately want to!  

    A sellable business creates choices and ultimately personal freedom. This NATWEST sponsored Workshop will explain the eight factors that drive the value of a business and show how you can influence them.

    The challenge is that for many business owners the dream remains elusive and work/life balance remains a challenge. In fact, you may well even feel trapped in your business because:

    • YOU know more than anyone else in your company about your industry;
    • YOUR customers ask to deal with you personally;
    • YOU are involved in the building or creating of what you sell;

    My Freedom workshop will provide some practical, achievable steps you need to take to get you back on track to gaining the freedom you deserve as a business owner and will leave you with some practical tools and ideas that you can put into practice straight after the event, helping you work on your business rather than in your business!


    As an attendee of this workshop you can receive a free 1 page valuation report on your business with an option to receive the full 28 page report at a discounted rate.


    Breakfast rolls will be provided so please let me know of any particular dietary requirements.

    I look forward to seeing you there

    Kind regards

    David Hill

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