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    Has your business growth plateaued over recent years? Are your sales in need of a boost? Are you frustrated that you can't take time off this summer? Are you the first in and the last out the office each day? Are you looking for a new way of working? Do you want to work Smarter rather than Harder?
    If your answered YES to any of these questions, then join Steve Howard and Peter Fleming at this FREE business seminar.   


    We will share with you how you can quickly and clearly review where your business is right now and help you to decide where it should be going. Then immediately you can start taking the right steps to achieve breakthrough success.

    We know there is rarely a moment to step away from the day-to-day activity of running your business and it’s hard to find time to attend events like this. However by taking time out, you are investing in yourself and your business and this will be a catalyst for YOU, to start working ON your business rather than IN your business. 

     You will learn the steps on how to:

    • Get clear about your business vision
    • Utilise your time effectively
    • Maximise your business capabilities
    • Find and exploit your competitive edge
    • Learn the key steps to implement your business growth plan
    • Be clear about the value of foreward financial and tax planning
    • and much more

    Who should attend? 

    Local business owners, providers of professional business services in the Cumbria and North Lancs region who: 

    i) Want to grow their business

    ii) Want to know what financial planning and tax advice is available

    iii) Professional service providers who want to assist their clients

    Why should I come? 

    You will get a better understanding of what support is available to grow your business. 

    You will see how strategic planning can help this process

    Understand how to spend time "ON" and not "IN" your business. 

    You will learn the practical steps to business success, then waste no time in realising the full potential of your business.

    This event is in partnership with:

    Peter Fleming, Business Doctors Cumbria & North Lancs.

    Steve Howard, Business Doctors Lakes & Dales,


    For more information please call me on: 07774 287640 or email at steve.howard@businessdoctors.co.uk

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