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  • Business owners of small businesses feel strapped for cash. They are screaming out for more cash to invest in their businesses to enable it to grow, but it never seems to be available. This is extremely frustrating as it prevents them from achieving their business vision. Business owners in this position look at other businesses, see they are investing, and wonder what they can do about it.


    If you are in this position, this workshop is for you. In just two hours we will give you 10 tips on how to start generating cash the minute you leave the room. With the newly acquired cash you will be able to invest in more staff, equipment or whatever your business needs. With the investment, achieving your vision will become a reality sooner.


    This workshop is about organically creating cash for your business, it is not about gaining loans, grants or equity from others. It is about getting your hands on the hidden cash already being generated by your business which you have not been able to tap into.


    This event will be jointly presented by Peter Searle of Business Doctors and Tracey Westall of Pecunia (2016) Ltd

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