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  • What is the GDPR?  The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets very specific guidelines for collection and processing of the personal information of individuals. EACH Businesses or Enterprise will need its OWN bespoke plan led by its Senior people.   The GDPR will come into effect across the EU on May 25, 2018.   It is massively important business owners get activity moving early to avoid a panic in May. Each Business OWNER will need to construct THEIR own unique plan for THEIR Business! Approaching the GDPR in a structured, practical, planned way will maximise its intergration into YOUR Business.



    Delegates attending this Workshop will build a fairly clear picture of what they need to do in THEIR Business to comply with this regualtion. The event will be a half day - 3 hour session built around:

    • Power Point presentation.
    • Workbook - individual and personal copy to build a plan for YOUR Business.
    • Journal Record Booklet - this will allow you to record the action being taken within YOUR Business.
    • Certificates for attendance. 


    The aim of the Workshop is to help each delegate on the journey to building a platform of what is relevent to THEIR business. The GDPR will be broken down into 'bite size chunks' to maximise understanding and help construct a practical base from which businesses can move forward.

    This topic does not have a generic answer for ALL businesses so there will be a large amount of personai perspective to the session. Attendees will leave the session with a practical approach for THEIR businesses requirements.


    What to expert on the day:


    • Interactive Presentation guiding delegates through key aspects of the GDPR.


    • Work Book that will form an implementation plan for YOUR business. Live examples of what is being seen across the business spectrum will be used to bring the session to life.


    • Journal record booklet. 


    • Certificate of attendance.



    Bookings can be made through my event page but also by e-mailing me at the address below.


    Work Shop will run from 9am - 12pm - refreshments will be available on arrival and during the session.


    Standard Cost per delegate = £300 + Vat (30% discount for the first 4 registrations!!!!! You pay £210+vat)

    All occupiers of Mamhilad Park Estate will have access to special rates using PROMOTIONAL CODE: MPEBIZ2018 to secure a 50% discount on standard price. You pay £150 + Vat.

    This Code also extends to attendees and their clients that have attended certain events in Torfaen between 7th and 16th February.




    If you wish to get in touch with any questions, please use email below:


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