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  • At least 1 in 4  businesses change ownership. This can be due to retirement, relocation, family illness or simply because another business makes  a very good offer. In this free to attend seminar Business Doctors and Transworld International present the steps and activities every business owner needs to take in order to sell their business. 

    8.00am Welcome (Coffee and Pastries)

    8.30am How to sell a business (Ken Gorman)

    9.00am 8 steps to a sellable business (John Sweeney)

    How to Sell a business - Ken Gorman. Ken is Managing Director of Transword Business Advisors. Transworkds are experts in selling businesses Selling a business is incredibly difficult for owners. Only 1 in 10 of businesses listed for sale on the internet ever sell. 95% of the people making an enquiry will never ever buy a business. The average business will receive 35-40 enquiries. Finally, 75% of transactions will collapse after the price is agreed. Ken will explain what business owners need to do to avoid these common pitfalls and how to ensure it's sold for a maximum profit.

    Way before a business can be sold many owners get caught in the owner's trap. They are at the centre of the business and there is no business without them. This means there is nothing to sell when they want to retire or go do something else. John Sweeney is a Business Doctor. He advises business owners on how to create scalable and valuable companies. During this session he will work through the eight areas of focus needed to create a sellable business.

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