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  • If you are looking to maximise the return from your business as well as spend less time in the day to day running of it, this is for you.

    Oreste Maspes (Business Doctor London) and Matthew Preece (Business Doctors Newport) are delighted to join force with the IMN Cardiff to present this seminar chock-full with proven, fast-acting, results-based and profit-boosting advice.

    Discover how to build your business into a valuable, sellable, asset and discover how to get more profit and freedom from your business in the short-term.
    To make the most out of this event we recommend you take this 10 minute industry-leading online survey that will provide you with a benchmark score, reflecting the value of your business.


    Once done, you should receive an email from “The Value Buider System”, bring a printed copy with your business card to participate to a raffle to win a copy of our “Breaking Big” book!

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