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Nottingham's Creative Class 2016 - what contributes to success?

We had the pleasure of being guests of Nottingham Means Business at the Creative Class of 2016 event held at the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery . What a fantastic evening hearing from the entrepreneurs and directors of the 10 successful SMEs selected to join the city's Creative Class for 2016 . Their stories provided a refreshingly honest insight into how creative companies were leveraging and driving growth from innovative use of cutting edge design , tapping into and working with the ready supply of highly skilled resources available from local universities and being part of the wider Creative Quarter movement in the city.

Common themes which arose as key attributes for success from this very capable gathering of creative companies selcted for their potential to go onto greater things included the following:

• do something now rather than plan and discuss it to perfection
• work with people who share your passion and purpose
• invest in and adhere to the values which articulate and reinforce your company's contribution and indentity
• collaborate and be part of the local business community
• be open to ideas and challenge from anywhere and everywhere in the organisation
• draw upon the talent pool gnerated by local universities and higher education establishments
• make full use of internships to increase capacity and draw on their capabilities

Well done - Boom Online Marketing, Cofabricao, Distinction, Exco InTouch, Hosta Consulting, MultiPie, Retail Assist, Roiller Agency, The Simplifiers and Sumo Digital

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