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There's a new kind of doctor in Nottingham/ Newark/Lincolnshire

There's a new kind of doctor in Nottingham/ Newark/Lincolnshire but they won't be taking your blood pressure anytime soon. Svetlana Aslezova and Derek Irvine, trading as Business Doctors, are testing the health of the region's small businesses and writing prescriptions to help them grow.

Their unique brand of business support will provide small and medium sized companies with the kind of business advice and nurturing usually only available to larger organisations. Business Doctors work closely with successful entrepreneurs and business owners to help them through all the stages necessary to maximise their business position. With an MBA from London Business School and 25 years international marketing experience, Svetlana is well placed to offer expertise including new market development to the region's small and medium sized businesses. Originally from St Petersburg, Svetlana's doctor credentials don't end with her business know how: having a degree in physics, she draws upon her structured and analytical approach to help get the best results for her clients.

Svetlana is particularly keen to work with some of the region's female business owners. She says: "I've launched and developed small businesses of my own and would relish the opportunity to help other female entrepreneurs achieve their goals."

Derek's background includes both public and private sector senior management roles and directorships. His specialism is in helping businesses navigate a clear path through challenges and pressures impacting or hindering progress. Derek has particular experience working across IT and telecomms sectors, customer service operations and overcoming tough commercial challenges. Their new company Business Doctors can support small and medium sized firms with everything from workforce expansion, staff engagement and performance management to dealing with market pressures and helping owners to reconnect with their aspirations for their business.

"Having made a difference with some of the world's largest companies and helped to get to the crux of what was needed to overcome particular challenges, I want to draw on that experience to enable SMEs to stay ahead of their competition or break new ground by thinking and acting bigger – nothing gives me more of a buzz than seeing the organisation and the people who work for them going from strength to strength," said Derek.

"I'm not the kind of person who hands over a report and makes their exit. I'm known for challenging the conventional way of doing things and my style is much more hands on: I will do whatever I can to help a business get to the next level."

To celebrate their launch, Derek and Svetlana are offering a free 90 minute health check for businesses pursuing the next level of growth. They can be contacted on 0845 1631497 or at nottsandlincs@businessdoctors.co.uk

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