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Past Events

  • Sep 27

    Whatever Business you are in change is the constant that we all need to accept. In this session Nicola will emphasise the importance of continually assessing the circles YOUR business operates within and finding ways to be more effective, efficient and successful.

    Invariably that usually involves YOU and YOUR teams stepping outside YOUR confort zones. An interactive session that will provide some valuable tips to take back to the work pleace.

  • Sep 26

    FSB Networking with Locate in Kent

    Peter Searle

    • p Metro Bank
    • c 6.00pm

    FSB Connect hosted by Business Doctors with Locate in Kent talking about attracting inward investment.

  • Sep 21

    How To Build A More Valuable Business

    David Oakley

    • p Windlesham Golf Club
    • c 11.00am

    Would you like the FREEDOM to choose?

  • Sep 13

    Work Smarter not Harder - Make your Business Work for you.

    Peter Fleming

    • p The Crown & Mitre Hotel
    • c 8.00am

    • Has your business growth plateaued over recent years?
    • Are your sales in need of a boost?
    • Are you frustrated that you can't take time off this summer?
    • Are you the first in and the last out the office each day?
    • Are you looking for a new way of working?
    • Do you want to work Smarter rather than Harder? 

     If your answered YES to any of these questions, then join Peter Fleming, Steve Howard and Darren Moynan at this FREE business seminar.


  • Sep 11

    The Freedom Workshop

    Simon Grant

    • p Wilton Centre
    • c 9.30pm

    NEPIC is pleased to partner with Business Doctors for a series of free seminars for member companies seeking practical business growth support. Join us on 11 September for the second of three dates held at the Wilton Centre – The Freedom Workshop: Would you like the freedom to choose?

    Freedom is an unfamiliar luxury to time-poor business owners. You’re at the centre of your operation and without you there isn’t one. You struggle to take holidays, run yourself ragged working 80+ hours a week and everyone relies on you – staff, customers, suppliers, and you can’t see how this will ever change. Sound familiar?

    This is the “owner’s trap”. Not only can it limit your enjoyment of life, but also the value of your business. Led by Simon Grant and Graham Robson, who bring a wealth of combined financial and strategic experience, we work through the eight areas that help to create value and allow you the freedom of choice.

  • Jul 31

    The Freedom Seminar

    Oreste Maspes

    • p Clarendon Business Centre Ealing Cross
    • c 9.00am

    Would you like the FREEDOM to choose?

  • Jul 30

    Difficult Conversations with Staff

    Peter Searle

    • p The Business Terrace
    • c 2.00pm

    When new staff start working for you, everything is usually fine, but as time wears on you might become less than impressed with their performance.

  • Jul 19

    Work Smarter not Harder - Make your Business Work for you

    Steve Howard

    • p Kendal Rugby Union Football Club
    • c 8.30am



  • Jul 18

    Seminar - How to Sell Your Business

    John Sweeney

    • p Leatherhead Golf Club
    • c 8.00am

    At least 1 in 4  businesses change ownership. This can be due to retirement, relocation, family illness or simply because another business makes  a very good offer. In this free to attend seminar Business Doctors and Transworld International present the steps and activities every business owner needs to take in order to sell their business. 

  • Jul 10

    Business and Beer by the Bridge

    Lawrence Wilson

    • p London Bridge Hotel
    • c 6.00pm