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PR Coverage

  • Start Up Business - David Hill

    Top tips on Networking

     Read David's top tips on networking know-hows.

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  • The Times (Raconteur) - Russell Grant

    Could finance chiefs save Walnut Whips? 


    Read what Russell Grant had to say in this article from The Times supplement, Raconteur.

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  • Kevin Cook - Gazprom Energy

    Business Basics: Pitching for funding and how to get it right


    Kevin Cook sits down with Gazprom Energy to share knowledge on pitching for funding.

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  • Business Achiever - Sandra Murphy

    What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur?


    Sandra Murphy offers her advice on what she thinks it takes to make a successful Entrepreneur. 

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  • The Guardian - Ian Roberts

    Pop-ups to Deliveroo kitchens: firms hunt bricks-and-mortar alternatives


    Ian Roberts offers his views to The Guardian on Pop-Up businesses, and the need to stay flexible. 

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  • Nat West - David O Brien

    Management strategies: how to handle a negative employee, read David O Briens advice here!




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  • Kitchen & Bathrooms - Sandra Murphy

    Business Doctor Sandra Murphy looks into what it takes to run a successful business. Read the full article by clicking on the download link below

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  • NatWest Content Live - Simon Monaghan

    It is essential for a business to know what their staff are really thinking - Simon Monaghan contributes to a recent article in NatWest Content live on how to understand your staff. Read the full article by clicking the download link 

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  • Fleximize - Peter Fleming

    What is the best tactic for networking? Peter Searle recently contributed to a blog on Fleximize, discussing how to maximise every networking opportunity. Click the download link to view the full article 

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  • Love Energy Savings - Simon Monaghan

    Struggling to save money in your business? Business Doctor Simon Monaghan contributes to this recent article for Love Energy Savings, on extreme cost savings for businesses. Click on the download link to view the full article 

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