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PR Coverage

  • NatWest Content Live - Matt Levington

    Business Doctors co-founder Matt Levington recently contributed to an article from NatWest discussing expanding overseas on a budget. Click the download link below to view the full article.

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  • Economia - Chris Simpson

    Business Doctor Chris Simpson recently contributed to an article in Economia discussing how the migration debate is being influenced by the private sector. Click the download link below to read the full article

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  • Company Valuation Services - Graham Robson

    Business Doctor Graham Robson recently spoke to company valuation services on how to increase your companies value with in 12 months. Follow the download link to read the full article 

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  • Simon Monaghan - The Telegraph

    The most complex legal issues for your business – explained

    Simon Monaghan contributes to this article published by The Telegraph - read the full article here.




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  • The Telegraph - Simon Monaghan


    How your business can reduce its operational costs

    “There are only three ways to increase profits,” says business coach Simon Monaghan. “You can sell more, increase margins or cut costs.” Read the full article here

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  • Siba Journal - Jeff Long

    Jeff Long recently spoke to the SIBA journal looking at how coaching can help your brewing company grow. Read the full article 


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  • Professional Jeweller - Graham Morgan

    "Small business consultant Graham L Morgan, Business Doctors, notes how meeting other retailers and people in the jewellery industry can have a number of benefits. For example, he explains how you may hear about subsidised training schemes for staff, local grants available for the business or pick up information about potential new suppliers." Read more 

    Business Master Class

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  • Business News Wales - Graham Morgan

    "Whilst the longer sunnier days maybe a welcome arrival against a dark dismal winter the consideration that goes into starting a business should not change from one season to the next. The core principle is truly understanding who is going to purchase the product or service you are convinced you can sell" Read more 


    Graham Morgan Business Wales

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  • MBA World - Graham Robson

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  • The Telegraph - Russell Grant

    Russell contributes to this Telegraph article about how SMEs can stay on top of returns.

    Telegraph  Russell Grant


    Read more here.

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