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  • Raconteur - Matthew Levington

    Staff engagement

    An effective engagement strategy can increase productivity and deliver a healthier bottom line, as well as attract and retain high-performing staff - read more in this interesting article originally published in February 2016.


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  • The Guardian - Chris Simpson

    Approaching big brands

    When a major retailer lists a startup’s products, it can be the turning point. Sudden exposure to a much larger audience often provides a catalyst for next-stage business growth. However, the stumbling block for many aspiring entrepreneurs is making the initial connections with those all-important big brand buyers. 

    Big Brands

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  • Elite Franchise Magazine - Lynne Rawlinson

    Tone of voice

    If your franchise is suffering fron a personality deficit, you might want to consider honing your tone of voice.

    Tone of voice

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  • Connections - Peter Searle

    Balancing act

    Many electrical businesses are based around a family.  This can be dangerous ground but it can also be a successful model for those who get it right, says Peter Searle (Business Doctor Maidstone)



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  • Better Retailing Magazine - Chris Simpson

    Keep it social

    Chris Simpson, Business Doctor for Gatwick Diamond, offers some sound digital marketing advice for small and medium sized businesses wanting to improve their digital presence in the latest issue of Better Retailing magazine.  

    Keep it social

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  • Yorkshire Women's Life - Svetlana Aslezova

    Nurturing the next generation of female leaders

    Svetlana Aslezova (Business Doctor Lincolnshire) talks to Yorkshire Women's Life about how to nurture the next generation of female leaders.

    Find out more about Svetlana here.

    Nurturing female leaders

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  • "What if?" Does your business have a plan?

    What if the evitable happened? How flexible, agile and well prepared would you, your staff and your business be to adapt?

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