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  • Business Roadmap Infographic

    Before you go ahead and spend a lot of time and money on that new website, new marketing material, a campaign launch or planning which events and expos to attend, make sure you spend time to create a plan. Be sure to do your homework to make sure you gain value and a return on investment as a result of your efforts.

    Download this free infographic here.

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  • Manage Your Cashflow

    The summer months for businesses can notoriously be a tight period for cash. With productivity levels down due to staff being on annual leave, consumers on holiday so a slower sales period, having high stock levels or high work in progress due to extended production periods and all compounded by having slow paying customers

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  • What we do

    A simple, one page document designed to explain what Business Doctors do, who we do it for and how we do it.

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  • Teeside Business Show

    Business Show PDF

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  • New Business Magazine May 2016

    The May edition of New Business Magazine includes an 'Ask the Business Doctors feature'. Peter Fleming (Cumbria and North Lancashire) answers a question on funding whilst Ian Follington (Shropshire) offers advice for business owners that have lost their mojo.

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  • EU Referendum - Decision Time!

    Have you made your decision? If not, it’s worth doing your own research and reflection before you vote on Thursday.

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  • Know what business you are in

    No matter what business sector you operate in, there is always competition, an alternative product or service to deny you of that sale. Therefore knowing what business you are in and who your target market is, is fundamental.

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