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Employee Engagement Plan

Employee Engagement

Creating a strategic plan for focusing your business it relatively easy. The main step in making this happen is to ensure that you have a focused team of people working in the business. And making sure they have the motivation and commitment to deliver it.

You can only achieve employee engagement by involving your staff in the process. Although, this does not mean simply telling everyone that the company has a new strategy. Or expecting staff to change the way they work to accommodate it. It means listening to their ideas and opinions. And then acting on these when managing the changes. In other words giving them ownership of the changes. And allowing them to take responsibility for their role in the making it happen.

When the team takes ownership of the objectives, targets and action plans, they become accountable to themselves and to the business. This enables individuals to self manage their own performance. Equally, the business must support this through positive encouragement, recognition and reward.

Standards will be set by the team and over time, these will become self-regulating. This makes it easier for the business to minimise the challenges that underperforming teams or individuals create.

Engaged employees are proactive, and have the commitment the business needs. Equally, they take actions, and make decisions that are consistent with the company’s strategic goals and objectives.

Employee Engagement Strategy

How can Business Doctors help?

Business Doctors can help your business improve employee engagement by facilitating workshops. During the workshops, we make sure employee views are treated with respect. That everyone listens to their point of view, and any action is taken. Your workforce effectively has involvement in the business decisions. And takes joint responsibility for implementing agreed actions.

For more information about our services, get in touch. Or, you can find your local Business Doctor here.

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