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Change Management

Change is inevitable. No company can stay static forever.  Circumstances within the business change, and the market changes  too. People leave, and are replaced.

Often, people see managing such change as a difficult process.  People don’t like change, the familiar is comfortable, secure, safe. The process can cause a lot of anxiety among staff, and seriously affect morale.

So how best to move forward, taking your employees willingly with you rather than forcing them along kicking and screaming?

Well, the best way to start is by contacting your local Business Doctor for advice.

They will help you start the process from the beginning with a full review of your business goals, culture, operational structure, roles and responsibilities, systems and procedures. As we’re sure you are aware, changing any or all of these requires the support of your people.

Change Management Strategies

How can we help?

When the time comes to communicate the changes you’ve decided to your employees, your Business Doctor helps you every step of the way. They will:

  • explain the rationale clearly to your workforce of why there needs to be change
  • ensure that your staff are consulted and involved at every step of the process
  • allow employees to have their say on the change whether it’s good or bad
  • support staff with training/mentoring whether they are staying in the business or not
  • organise facilitation workshops
  • plan for action to make sure the changes happen 

So to make sure your workforce embraces rather than resists new initiatives, get in touch. Or, you can find your local Business Doctor here.

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