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"Richard is a consultant who takes the time to get to know you, your business and what you want from it. He then sets about trying to help you achieve that in a very practical and pragmatic way. His advice and recommendations are very valuable and a great support and help for your business. He is also very personable and great to work with!"

Nicky Walton Walton & Harvey

“Richard is an amazing individual with great experience and knowledge. Most notable characteristics are honesty and adaptability to client's present situation and understanding. Look forward to future encounters!”

Air Dvareckas Radius Trade

“Richard is a highly enthusiastic, commercially minded individual. He made it his personal business to fully understand the in's and out's of my business and me personally, and then through his many years experience was able to offer good, sound practical advice. I have enjoyed working with Richard and have appreciated his honesty and integrity and non judgmental ideas and advice in improving my turnover and profit margins.”

Jason Rogers Pinnacle Chauffeur Transport

"I honestly don't know how I'd have coped without the help from the Business Doctors. I have grown my business and become closer to my staff. Best business decision I ever made"

Pete Gibbs Gibbsco Ltd

"Richard is exceptionally good at what he does. He has helped me to understand my business in a whole new way. He was fantastic at listening to issues, and asking the right questions to draw out underlying problems. I'd highly recommend him."

James Harris Blue Sparrow Apps

"Richard took the time to get to know us, our business and what our future aspirations were and from there helped us develop a business plan for the next 3 years. This provided the business with some clear goals and objectives in a very pragmatic way. We also enjoyed working with Richard throughout the sessions and Richard will continue to work with us going forward."

Simon Knowler Direct Asset Finance

"I would like to thank Richard Tidswell for all of the business support and mentoring that we received. He helped us secure a business loan pretty quickly and was a great mentor throughout helping us understand our business and guiding us through our cash flow forecast. We wouldn't be where we are now without him. I would highly recommend the Business Doctors to any person wanting to go into business."

Lucy Taylor Hip Little People

"Richard Tidswell is, frankly, exceptional. We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to any business owner, whether inexperienced or long in the tooth, who wants an expert eye, real mentoring and constructive accountability, to drive their business to the next level."

Philip Whealey Ingenious Inventories

"When I needed to match a coach with an organisation for Growth Accelerator, it was easy to recommend Richard; he's a safe pair of hands. His own experience and empathy with clients quickly built trust so that they felt safe answering his excellent questions thus optimising progress and positive results."

Louise Ladbrooke

"Richard was a huge help in enabling us to set up the business correctly from the outset to ensure we we would build a profitable company that was structured in a way that would be appealing to an investor. He really took the time to understand our goals and aspirations both personally and professionally providing us honest and thought provoking feedback, and even helped us with some ideas for the product itself. I would highly recommend Richard to any business from a startup through to an established PLC."

Pete Marshall Design Freedom

"Richard is a skilled coach that is able to take a concept to reality while making a profit. Richard is just what our company needed to get back on track. Richard is a dedicated professional to his work and to the people he is offering high quality services to. You will only be proud to have Richard on your team."

Scott Doel Bizproj

"Working with Richard on building my business has been invaluable, I thought business coaching was for executives and corporate business, not small retail like me, however working with Richard has helped me see how essential it is to work on yourself and your business and take the time out to plan future strategies for growth. The business has been standing still for a number of years blaming lack of growth on the recession, however meeting and working with Richard has completely transformed the way I think about my business, I am now excited about the future growth and am enjoying implementing new ideas and watching them grow. I can now see how to move the business forward and turn my much loved hobby to a serious business with many thanks to Richard, I am very much looking forward to our continued sessions and highly recommend him."

Stacey Dunne Hartpury Sadlery

"Richard is always my first recommendation when my clients need support for growing their business. His insight into their current situation and vision for their future is sure-footed and practical. They never fail to tell me how useful his intervention has been."

Hilary Green

“Richard at Business Doctors has got me to focus on developing my business with proper strategic goals and defined objectives.”

Phil West Continuity West

"My sessions with Richard have proved invaluable. His calm and reassuring manner instantly puts me at my ease and makes conversation very relaxed. He listens well and gently brings me back to my objectives when I go down a dead end or completely off-piste."

Emma Hollingsworth

"Through our sessions, I have learned to define my desired outcomes in situations as well as discovering strategies for tacking difficult and challenging conversations at work. Richard has helped me get to a position where, for the first time in ten years, I feel as if I know the direction in which I am going professionally. The best bit about it is that I probably knew all this anyway. What Richard does is ask the right questions at the right time so that I become aware of it myself. He has helped me explore some of the reasons I do what I do, and then prompted me to find my own solutions. All in all, a very positive experience.”

Emma Hollingsworth

“After just one session I came away with a much clearer vision of what I wanted from my business and who I wanted to work with. I looked forward to our meetings and it was an opportunity to raise concerns with a neutral party. I feel as if I have regained control. Before I was overly busy and didn’t have time to set out clear objectives. I now feel more comfortable turning work away, if appropriate, but my income is more stable than before. Richard has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, but a down-to-earth approach.”

Angela Belassie PRTheWriteWay

“Richard is a bright, enthusiastic and strongly commercially minded individual. He combines great motivational skills with a clear focus on achieving results - and above all, he's a pleasure to work with.”

Sam Williams Economic Insight

“Business Doctors were responsive and efficient , understood and listened to our organisation’s needs and delivered on time and within budget . I would happily recommend them.”

Maggie Pitts CCS Adoption

“I can’t praise you enough for the help you gave us, absolutely superb.”

Jadwiga Ball CCS Adoption

“Richard really helped us formulate the strategy for the business from making sure we have the right structure in place and what our mission is to identifying target markets and opportunities for growth. He made us really think about the direction we want the business to go in and how we are going to get there. Richard's help and advice has really helped us move forward with much more clarity, purpose and confidence. Thoroughly recommend.”

Jo Kangurs KeystoneHR

“Richard was a fantastic guy to work with. His knowledge of how to implement structure and change in to our business to help us achieve our goals was exceptional.”

Olly Kohn The Jolly Hog

“Without the help from Richard I would never have grown my organisation as quickly and efficiently as I have. The advice he has given remains true long after our engagement finished and I am so grateful to him.”

Pete Gibbs Gibbsco Ltd

“Richard listened really well and helped clarify the purpose and direction of our business. Help with business and personal financial planning and target setting was invaluable. The meetings were structured clearly as well as being bespoke and tailored to our needs. It was a great experience and a pleasure to have worked with Richard.”

Kate Wyatt Flipside Studio

“It has given our management team confidence and skills to really lead the business in the way that we want it to be lead. It has united us and helped us to work together to sort out issues.”

Angela Brunning Hawthorn Medical Centre

“I've already recommend Richard to several contacts. The work with Richard went above and beyond my expectations. Very personable and tailored to the individual. It highlighted and focused on areas I needed to improve.”

Angela Belassie PRTheWriteWay

“Very satisfied. The support has helped us to expand our business, grow our skills and put clear plans in place for further expansion.”

Debbie Staveley bClear Communications

“The support has helped me understand a little about how to start a limited company. Richard your approach is easy calm and good to follow. I have no business knowledge and found your delivery very easy to understand and enthralling . I am also now empowered by Richard's knowledge to look into future running of my business.”

Brian Uranovski Perfect Horizon

“My business coach, Richard has engaged in my idea and my passions from the outset, making it easy to discuss good and bad idea's with him, without prejudice. Already so early on in my business set up I feel more confident that I could ask Richard a question regarding my business and even if he cant help, he would know or have an associates that could help. Communication is excellent.”

Julie Michalak Goldcare Professionals

“Quickly understood business goals and objectives, and set a robust plan in place to achieve these objectives. The coaching sessions were very enjoyable. I now have a clear action list in place to achieve business goals and objectives”

Ricki Ghali Unite Foods

“Professional non judgemental attitude, clear understanding of the needs and attentive listening! Richard was brilliant in his expertise and knowledge, from overall picture to small details! Thank you”

Air Dvareckas Radius Trade

“I have known Richard Tidswell for over 2.5 years and have utilised his knowledge and experience through pre-start-up, start-up and growth stages of my business. I know Richard to be a person of tremendous integrity, capacity and someone with deep breadth of experience in business funding, management and structuring. I have seen him bring positive outcomes in variety of challenging situations. In all of these situations Richard has always taken clients perspective and advised only to current capacity of the business.”

Air Dvareckas Radius Trade

“Richard Tidswell has been absolutely the right foil for us and has stretched our minds until they hurt! I would highly recommend him and know we will continue to benefit from what we have learned and started to put into practice. He has introduced us to skills and perspectives that we were unaware of and we are using our new knowledge and skill base to follow the action plan.”

Alison Hargreaves Midhaven

“We have altered our focus and are goal driven. We know where our strengths are and are working much more smartly. We now have clear goals and a new way of looking at where best to concentrate our efforts. We also have looked carefully (and painfully!) at our internal business relationships and have benefited enormously from having a trusted expert to guide us through this. As a small, busy company we had neglected internal communication. We have benefited by getting a greater understanding of our aspirations and unused skills.”

Alison Hargreaves Midhaven

"Rich has a truly special talent - he instantly aligned with our business concept - understanding our progress to date and the vision of what we want to achieve within the next 3-5 years. Step by step we worked through the key deliverables of the programme, from strategic planning, to business modelling. All three directors of the company felt inspired, and excited at the progress made during the interactive and thought provoking workshops. Rich uncovered a number of key opportunities for the business, and by the end of the program we had a robust plan in place around how to achieve our future vision. Rich is a fantastic coach, his business experience and knowledge is evident, and it was a true pleasure to work alongside him."

Ricki Ghali Cookie Dough

We had no idea just how much working with Richard would improve our outlook and business. Having provided small business advice myself in the past, I understood how useful having an outside view could be, but this went well beyond expectations. Richard was part business advisor, part counselling, and part team coach. He learnt the nitty gritty of our world and our market, and really helped us pinpoint for ourselves where we wanted to be, why we weren't getting there and what to do about that. We looked forward to our meetings and to his summaries and feedback. We really developed confidence in what we did well, and with his support achieved major improvements through focus. We will continue in the same vein, and it is a testament to Richard, that we are now so in the habit of thinking strategically, he can slip quietly back and watch us sail happily off into the sunset!

Gill Silversides Silversides Glass

"For the past 6 months I have been working with Richard and the whole process has been a revelation. Richard really helped me to look at my business from a different point of view and clearly define my purpose. He does this using the tools at hand but it is his character and incredible perception that provide the magic. I highly recommend working with him. It has been a blast of ride! Thanks Richard!"

Sophie Admasu Bath Accountancy & Tax

“I have been working with Richard for over 12 months and have found his advice both relevant and useful in running my business. He has been instrumental in helping to form a clear business strategy for the next five years while addressing immediate concerns and opportunities that have arisen. I would recommend Richard the Business Doctor to anyone who has a company as he can bring impartiality, new ideas and valuable support when required.”

Mark Fanning ACF Teambuilding & Events

"Working with Richard over the last 8 months has been amazing for me, in the fact that I have had a shift within my business after 20 years. He has empowered me to see how far I have come, and help me make positive choices about my future, and I highly recommend Richard's coaching. Excellent, professional advice delivered with sincerity and optimism – Thank you."

Angela Goudie Gaudi Hair Ltd

"PMG engaged with Richard from Business Doctors nearly 3 years ago to help train and guide the Senior Management Team in meeting company initiatives and goals that Richard helped to develop. Richard is a very knowledgeable business consultant with a great depth of experiences across various different business aspects, from company values to recruitment and financial understanding. He has been key in developing a financial business model for the company spanning the next 5 years and has helped us implement budgets across the business. The business has doubled its turnover in the last 3 years and I can honestly say that Richard has played a big part in guiding us towards the financial milestones that we set when we first engaged with him. We recently recruited a Sales Manager to help with the further growth targets and Richard was a great help in getting the right person to fit our business. I look forward to working with Richard over the coming years and value his training and support highly. I would recommend Richard's training and coaching talents to other like-minded companies that need some help in achieving further growth and development."

Stuart Knight PMG Services Ltd