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  • As Chair of the Wales Fraud Forum, I wanted to thank you and your colleagues from the GDPR Alliance for the very informative and engaging masterclass you presented on readiness for the General Data Protection Regulation. I have seen you present on this subject before, and you avoid the temptation to scare the audience with too much emphasis o...

  • Graham’s sector knowledge has proved invaluable in helping build the Colleges medium term business development strategy for the Financial and Professional Services Sector. He is always full of ideas draw from his extensive knowledge and experience and is able to apply innovation and creativity to any challenge that arises. Being incredibly a...

  • ‘ Thanks again for all your structured support through our most recent journey of growth. You have been a pillar of strength to both Jarrod and I. You gave us the confidence and self belief to take a few leaps of faith over the past few months and we are excited to take a few more as we head through 2017. We are both very much looking forwar...

  • Graham has been instrumental in guiding my various business ventures through the good times but also when the going got tough. His way of advising and working with my team has been consistently effective given his ability to cover all aspects of a modern business and his amazing 'out of the box' thinking.


Graham is a full time business troubleshooter and advisor to business owners and SME decision making teams. 

Graham draws upon his 31 years in commercial and business banking to help him to bring determination, confidence and creativity to each and every challenge he is faced with.

  • 6 years as Director of South Wales and Mid Wales Chambers of Commerce.
  • Building the NatWest Business Development strategy with specific focus on sectors and intermediaries.
  • Extensive network and contact base.
  • Board/Committee membership and Chairman experience.
  • Responsibility for leadership and management of UK wide teams and up to 3,500 staff.

Since 2016 Graham has been part of the GDPR-Alliance and has drawn on his compliance and regulation experience within Banking to gain a detailed understanding of the General Date Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into effect on 25th May 2018. Providing a practical solution for Busienss owners to prepare their bespoke business plans has been a passion for the last 12 months or so. In the options now available is a Workbook based Workshop that allows Business owners to start the foundations of thier GDPR plan in the classroom before taking back to their business to build. Simplifying the regulation and having a structured approach is at the heart of moving this key subject forward for business owners and their teams.

Graham says he has been fortunate to work with some fantastic people throughout his career and assisting individuals and teams to achieve their true potential has been a driving force.

With experience, knowledge and expertise across many markets, sectors and approaches Graham is confident that he can positively contribute to your business and guide you through the many things capable of steering you off track. Hard work and dedication is in the DNA of many business owners - Graham brings that but also an approachable, friendly style and most importantly enthusiasm to help you succeed.

"With any challenge I firmly believe 'speed stuns' - ready, willing and able to support you"

Graham is a regular contributor to Business news Wales, you can read his latest features here:

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