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  • "Because of the hard work and dedication of Ian and Rachael, we're in a better position to spend more effort on our business and protection of our finances, rather than simply putting out fires"

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Serial entrepreneur Ian Roberts came to the Business Doctors network with over 20 years' experience of buying, growing and selling small businesses.

After initially training and working as an engineer, Ian bought his first company, at the age of 30. Spotting the potential from the start, he took the high net worth property fit out business from £360,000 turnover up to £1.9 million before selling it on at a profit.

Next was an under-performing plumbing outfit. Identifying the most profitable parts of the order book, Ian quickly streamlined operations, taking turnover from £190,000 up to half a million within six months and selling it on.

Ian went on to grow an office fit out company to £2million turnover, followed by an office furniture business which reached £5million turnover under Ian's ownership and direction.

He says: "I come from a building family and most of my relatives are self employed. Business is in my blood.
"I love to help people get to grips with their dreams, whether that involves taking their business to the next level and growing their wealth or stepping back from their work and having more time on their hands.

"I'm interested in people as much as I am in business and my focus is always on what is best for an individual. There are no one size fits all fixes for under achieving businesses and for every SME owner there will be a unique best way forward."

Ian is a strong advocate for the Business Doctors' hands on ethos, saying: "We're just not the 'hand over a report and say our goodbyes' kind of people.
"I really enjoy getting to grips with a business and really getting to know its owner before going on their business growth journey with them."
In his spare time Ian practices martial arts.
Ian offers a free 60 minute business health check for businesses interested in achieving their next level of growth. He can be contacted on 07880 355562 or at ian.roberts@businessdoctors.co.uk