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  • Vanessa showed real skill in leading the change programme; she didn't attempt to do everything herself but helped stakeholders understand what was required and then provided the training and support needed to help them develop the skills and knowledge they needed to work effectively in a changing environment. She is insightful, a strong leader...

  • Vanessa was a key enabler in a number of strategic HR processes including the recruitment of members of the change team and, significantly, a new Director of Marketing and Communications, an essential strategic appointment in the re-organisation. Vanessa's understanding of the motivation required to attract the right people to these key posts...

  • As Head of Change Management Vanessa proved herself to be a very knowledgeable and effective member of the senior team. She went to great lengths to ensure stakeholders were engaged with the change agenda, not only by promoting the programme’s messages, but by more importantly, listening their views and concerns and ensuring that these were...

  • "I attended one of Vanessa’s Business Doctor presentations on ’10 steps for achieving growth’ and would highly recommend this to any small business starting up or wishing to expand their business. A great help, providing positive actions that I have taken away to implement immediately!"


Vanessa represents the ultimate experienced pair of hands when it comes to business change and growth.

She qualified as a lawyer in 1980 and by the early 90s, Vanessa had already served as assistant chief executive of two local authorities, taken assistant directorship of City of London regulatory body IMRO, and was then asked to set up a national consumer protection body, the Personal Investment Authority Ombudsman Bureau, which she opened for business within six weeks of her appointment..
Before joining Business Doctors, Vanessa spent 20 years working all over the UK in interim roles, leading change management projects and programmes. During this time she built up experience with some of the country's biggest public and private sector names, including Railtrack, Oxford University, London Business School, DEFRA, Thames Gateway, Big Lottery Fund and Cranfield University. She has also worked with several charities including the Royal British Legion, Methodist Homes for the Aged and New Horizon, a charity working with young homeless people in London.

Throughout this period she still found time to run a pilot scheme for a community advice service in Eastbourne, turn around a troubled family property business and support, on an informal basis, a number of SMEs and micro-businesses around her local Eastbourne area.

"What I have learned from working with SMEs is that once you have established a connection with the business owner you can make a difference quickly," she says.
"It often takes an outsider to come in and spot what the problems really are, ask the awkward questions that need to be asked and then work with the business to get to the right answer. If there are difficult relationships to manage then the Business Doctor acts as an honest broker who is trusted by all involved. The key to making the relationships work is to listen to what is being said, challenging and questioning where necessary, then working as a team with the business owners to deliver practical and effective results ”.

"The reason the Business Doctors' method works so well is that identifying issues and concerns is only the start of our process. We build strong relationships with clients, then work alongside them to put a bespoke solution in place which is tailored to that business, and that business alone. We don’t do “one size fits all”"

Vanessa's key skills are wide ranging and include business development, business planning, service delivery, staff recruitment and development, stakeholder engagement, succession planning, performance improvement and management, reputation management, crisis management, internal and external communications, training and change management.

Vanessa offers a free 60 minute business health check for businesses interested in achieving their next level of growth. She can be contacted on 07759 922988 or at vanessa.peters@businessdoctors.co.uk.